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July 10, 2008

App Store make Remote connection with iTunes

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Now that App Store is out as part of iTunes 7.7 release, we are getting to see all the good things.

Here is a quick survey of first impressions:

John Falcone at CNet says – It's an easy must-have for any iPhone or iPod Touch owner who enjoys listening to music at home

Dan Moren
figured out multiple library support. PowerTunes does similar job but doesn't come with the App Store magic (soon?).

There is, however, support for multiple libraries. When you start up Remote after associating with a library, it’ll take a second to reconnect, during which time you can change which library you want to use (you can also tap the Settings button in the top left corner of any list screen). That’ll give you the option to add multiple libraries, delete existing associations, and toggle a “Stay Connected” preference (not precisely sure what that does at present).

Holly Jackson says you can sing your way to search results:

With the new Midomi Mobile application, iPhone users can find an artist or song with voice or text search. The app also has the ability to "grab" a recording of a song to use for search. Users just have to hold their iPhone up to a speaker and submit the music clip.

This is disruptive at many levels and not surprisingly this has caused heart burn across the tech industry. Apple competitors are rushing to make press announcements or just plotting their own mobile strategy.
Activision Blizzard hopes to take on iTunes. Well we will see about that!

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March 21, 2008

Safari comes in auto-update. Windows users under ADD, Cannot see update options!

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Apple is now bundling Safari in Windows auto-update option. That small practice used by all software vendors (since mankind started doing qwerty dance) has come under criticism. Mozilla CEO is not happy and CNet reporters are all echoing the same outrage. Browser components are part of other Apple products, definitely iTunes. So all this outrage is bit overblown.

The image

What's the big deal. Don't insult user's intelligence by crying foul on their behalf. They know how to uncheck the checkbox. One can argue it's way more simple to uncheck the box as compared to changing default search box setting on Firefox.

(Pic courtsey Mike)

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