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July 10, 2008

OK iTunes 7.7 installed. Where the hell is App Store?

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It's not there. Zilch. Nothing, nada! Not even help files!

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iTunes 7.7 is now available for download!!

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Minute ago I saw this:


Now I see this:


iTunes image is still not updated.

App store screenshot coming soon..

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July 9, 2008

Apple App Store Will Challenge iTunes Marketplace? Yes It Can.

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Apple is growing fast. They are rolling out products faster than any other company out there. One fall out of that speed is the confusion between product lines. Now that 3G iPhone release is just on the horizon, expectation is that this will bring clarity on how Apple will map out integration strategy between App store and iTunes.

App Store will be accessible as part of the iPhone 2.0 software. Thousands of developers have downloaded iPhone SDK and approved applications will be listed on App store gallery.

Looking at this description, Apple is planning to allow listing of applications in iTunes catalog. Very much on the lines of existing movies and songs directory. This will draw more users into iPhone marketing. For those not having iPhones, they will be able to view this catalog. Developers will love this feature as this will allow them another marketing channel.

Jim Goldman, at CNBC,  thinks App store could be a major channel for Apple -

Fact is, Apple’s new App store could become a major new revenue stream for the company and those posting programs on it. Many of these programs will work on your current iPhone as well, as long as you upgrade your software to the 2.0 OS. Though 3G will make the wireless download of these new programs far faster. And the automatic update notification is pretty cool too, letting you know the moment your existing new program is outdate and you now have the opportunity to upgrade.
App store can be a disruptive force in software distribution. Apple is opening a new channel which combines different emerging computing models. It has elements of SaaS, Cloud computing, mobile interface and tight desktop integration. This can be bigger than iTunes.

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