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June 17, 2008

Vista Themed iPhone

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Microsoft Vista theme on iPhone? Not sure if you are ready for this but Jethro Jones is reblogging this post from justanotheriphoneblog.

Below you will find download link. Don’t tell me you are a closet Windows fanboy!

via The Apple Blog by Jethro Jones on 6/16/08

When you buy the new iPhone, are you going to jailbreak it? Are you really a closet Windows fanboy? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then the VistaPerfection 2.0 iPhone Theme by Spec Works was created just for you.

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March 17, 2008

Apple’s patent application for dual-sided track pad

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A system including a capacitive array element capable of sensing touch from either side is described. A connected processor unit, either in the device or the host system, may be adapted to interpret signals from the capacitive array element as a cursor or view movement with six degrees of freedom. The track pad device may include a display element and the capacitive array element may be translucent. The display element and the array element may be configured with respect to each other, where different configurations can be associated with different operating modes. For example, when the array element lies over the display screen so that the display screen is viewable through the array element, the array element can function as a touch screen. In another configuration, the array element may generate signals indicating a user’s touch from one or the other or both sides of the array element.


Complete application is here:

Hat tip: Unwired

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